TECNIFAN S.L., founded in January 1985, develops its activity as a Spanish manufacturer of ventilation technology. From its origins, integrates a wide network of distributors, manufacturers and commercial companies, national and international, in the field of air conditioning, heating and ventilation.

TECNIFAN maintains a continuous and solid process of expansion in four continents with commitment and respect for both people and the environment, which provides a privileged position in the global market, within the range of products commercialized.

The facilities consist of an extension of 5.000 m² where the offices and production plants are included. Its extensive commercial network, as well as the trust placed in TECNIFAN as an agent of other brands, guarantees a solid position against the competitiveness of the market.

TECNIFAN manufactures forward and backward centrifugal fans for low and medium pressure industrial applications. Our range of products comprises single and double inlet free shaft fans and fans with direct driven motor. We also produce ventilation exhausters with double or single inlet centrifugal fan, with smoke exhaust capacity in case of fire, with the 400 ° / 2h certification according to the regulation UNE EN 12101.3.

A true reflection of our commitment to the best indoor air quality and the environment is the development of the new ranges of EC products based on the green and sustainable philosophy. TECNIFAN IS GREEN, IS TECHNOLOGY, IS THE SOLUTION.


In TECNIFAN we know that there is a whole world of opportunities, therefore we are orientated towards an international expansion. We have a network of trusted distributors with whom we share values and goals, which translates into success in business.

Each customer is different and unique, and we adapt to their needs.


Can you imagine having a direct and warm relationship with your supplier?
That is TECNIFAN, a company that works side by side with its customers. Counts on highly qualified and flexible staff that guarantees maximum efficiency solving the problems and demands of its clients. A company that coordinates and organises with proximity, responsibility and transparency.


Our experience, quality of service and future vision encourage us to advance day by day to accomplish new objectives in our goal to achieve fans and high quality products.

Safety in the production processes are reached based on regulations and quality standards with absolute confidence.
These commitments underpin our policy of quality and continuous improvement. TECNIFAN is certified UNE-EN ISO 9001 by accredited certification organism of great, national and international, prestige.


Because we share quality and technology in ventilation committed to the new energy efficiencies.
Because we use cutting-edge technological tools and continuous improvement.
Because we invest time and resources in innovative research.
Because we work passionately to focus results on progress.


We know that the TECNIFAN customer needs continuous attention and simple and uniform procedures.
We seek creative solutions to the demands, adapting results to the needs of the market and our customers.
We make our experience available to our customers with responsibility and confidence.
We work giving priority to the resolution of problems with safety and quality standards, being always close to our customers.

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