The motor-fan group series Tecnifan Plug Fan TPF are made of a fan without housing, operated directly by an electric motor. They are very suitable for working with non-aggressive clean air or a reduced dust level atmosphere.

The plug fans are composed by a high performance centrifugal impeller with backward curved blades, an inlet cone and a structural frame made by different pieces of galvanized steel, quality Z-245. They all include an air flow measure device.

The impellers are statically and dynamically balanced to a grade of G=2,5 (TE G=6,3) in accordance with DIN ISO 1940-1 of the DIN ISO 88215 regulation.

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All the motors supplied are asynchronous, three-phase squirrel-cage of 2, 4, 6 and 8 poles, IP55, Class F, and are in accordance with Regulation Nº 640/2009 of the European Commission, of high efficiency. Include PTC thermal protectors in their windings.

The coupling between impeller and motor is made by hub arrangement Taperlock, therefore the size of the motor can be changed easily. Consequently, the motor support piece is manufactured in order to assemble the range of motors provided for each size of Plug Fan.

The operation temperature range for metal impeller fans (NPL and NPA) is from -20ªC to +85ºC and with polyamide impeller (TE) from -20ºC to +60ºC. The motor-fan groups have an operation temperature range of -20ºC to +40ºC due to the typology of the motor. Other operation ranges can be achieved with other specific types of motors.

Motor-fan groups series Tecnifan Plug Fans cover diameters from 250 mm up to 1000 mm, with air volume flows up to 55.000 m3/h and pressures up to 2.200 Pa for the standard range (CL1 type), and with the possibility of larger sizes as special features.


Air conditioners, Air conditioning equipment, Ventilation/Extraction systems, Kitchen smoke extractors, Pools, Data centers (CPDs), Heat recovery systems, Maritime sector, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Hospitals, Pressurizing systems for smoke control, Drying rooms, Ovens, Agri-food industry.