The range of double inlet fans Tecnifan – Comefri provides solutions for Residential, Commercial and HVAC fields, including air treatment units (AHUs) and rooftop units for industrial applications.

Fans are supplied with forward and backward curved blades manufactured in high quality galvanized steel sheet. At the same time, the impellers are designed for a maximum efficiency with the most advanced technology. To achieve high efficiency results, inlet cones have an aerodynamic finish.

The impellers are statically and dynamically balanced, guaranteeing stability and have a specific design to achieve high pressures and air flows ensuring a delicate vibration moving.

The THLZ series (impeller made of polyamide) and NTHZ series (manufactured metal impeller with epoxy painted finish) include an inlet cone with Forefinger technology (Comefri patented).

The TZAF series include the impeller with Airfoil backward curved blades, manufactured in metal and epoxy painted finish, in addition to the Forefinger device both to increase performance and efficiency.