The single inlet industrial radial fans series BCE 25, BCE 17 and BCE 15, with backward curved blades, are suited for applications for both clean and slightly dusty air with temperatures of up to 100°C. By means of a cooling wheel, a fan can also reach temperatures in standard execution of up to 300°C (max. 200°C in settings 1 and 9). To reach high performance levels, components are constructed in geometrically optimal forms. The air flow of this base series reaches 250.000 m’/h, while the total pressure varies as follows: BCE 25 up to 3.500 Pa, BCE 17 up to 6.000 Pa, BCE 15 up to 8.000 Pa; in addition, this industrial fan is designed to operate at a low noise level and with high efficiency. The industrial radial fan serie BAFE, with airfoil backward curved blades, is suited for application for clean air with temperatures of up to 80°. The air flow of this base series reaches 250.000 m’/h, while the total pressure up to 3.500 Pa.

The spiral shaped housings are continuously welded for all four series. They are designed with solid materials, which are appropriately reinforced, for industrial, heavy duty applications. Furthermore, all housing sizes up to size 1250 can be set in the 16 discharge positions. Inlet and outlet frames are integrated in the housing. Upon request, the housing can also be ordered in split execution.

The impeller of the BCE series from the nominal size 400 upwards, are finished and equipped with backwards curved sheet metal blades. The impeller of the BAFE series from the nominal size 400 upwards is finished and equipped with airfoil backward curved sheet metal blades. Up to size 1250, the impeller can be removed both from the inlet as well as from the outlet.

Ventilation/Extraction systems, Garage smoke extractors, Maritime sector, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Hospitals, Pressurizing systems for smoke control, Drying rooms, Ovens, Automotive industry, Iron and Steel industry, Glass industry, Burners, Sandblasting machines, Textile industry, Timber industry, Ceramic industry, Dust collectors, Recycling facilities, Gas recirculation.