Double inlet centrifugal fans with backward curved blades impeller manufactured in black steel sheets, reinforced with steel stiffeners, completely welded and painted with corrosion-proof epoxy paint.

Bearing support is designed as a separate component, and can be fixed in four different positions to optimize belt installation. The optimal working area is within 90 and 100% of the maximum rpms, with a consequent reduction of the fan vibration levels. Three different sub-versions are available as standard, T1, T2L and T2. On request, special executions are possible, when increased performances are requested. Stainless steel and hot dip galvanized versions are also available.

The MAZ is equipped with airfoil blades impeller, and the MHZ is equipped with backward curved blades impeller both epoxy painted.

Both the MHZ and the MZA covers 12 sizes range from 315 to 1250.

Maritime sector, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Hospitals, Drying rooms, Agri-food industry, Glass industry, Burners, Sandblasting machines, Textile industry, Timber industry, Ceramic industry, Dust collectors, Recycling facilities, Gas recirculation.