Single inlet centrifugal fans with backward curved blades impeller manufactured in galvanized steel using the Pittsburgh seam method and Forefinger technology.

There are six different versions of series, B, G, R, T1G, T1, T2L and T2. On demand, special executions can be performed, when an increase in performance is required.

The TEAF is equipped with airfoil blades impeller, and the MHZ is equipped with backward curved blades impeller.

Both the NTHE and the TEAF covers 9 sizes range from 400 to 1000.

Ventilation/Extraction systems, Garage smoke extractors, Kitchen smoke extractors, Maritime sector, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Hospitals, Pressurizing systems for smoke control, Drying rooms, Ovens, Paint booths, Agri-food industry, Automotive industry, Iron and Steel industry.